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A Great Example Of A Research Paper About Social Media

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Impact of Social Media on Relationships

We are living in an age that was foretold by great philosophers in the history of Greece. They saw an age of technological development and a new way of communication where people will chose to stick on technological gadgets rather than engaging each other one on one. There has been an enormous growth in technology since the beginning of the 21st century. Human beings have found a new way of communication. Social media has taken a center stage and rather than engaging someone physically, people now choose to put their concerns in the public domain.

Children are now glued on social media sites. Everyone is signin up to any social media platform that comes up. People are on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram and so on. Rather than engaging each other on a one-to-one basis, people are apparently falling in love with these social media platforms talking to people they have never met before. This has destroyed families and other important relationships.

Why social media is creating an unproductive society

A lot of time is spent on social sites rather than engaging in productive activities. Relationships believed to be productive in the society especially at home and in the workplace have been utterly destroyed. While engaging on social media is good, the tendency to do so should be controlled. Many relationships have been ruined in almost every sector even in business. This is the far these issues have come.

Social media use started off as a fad. However, it has become an addiction that has cost many relationships. The