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A Professionally Written Example Research Paper About education

As a student, there will be tests of all kinds coming your way before you can finally be awarded with that degree certificate. Therefore, it is important to learn how to write if you are going to have any chance of making it throughout your learning. There is a lot of help for you available online and if you want to know how to write a good research paper on education, ask the experts.

The search of a good research paper writing service is a must for any student who wants to excel at school. With proper research and reading of feedback from authoritative academic sites, the chance of getting academic help is guaranteed. Are you wondering how you can get started with your education research paper? Here is a sample for you.

The effect of technology and education amongst children

The growth and development of children especially in the development of cognitive skills is greatly influenced by many factors. Naturally, toddlers have an already found way through which they enhance their learning skills. They get to learn by listening, reading and writing. Different levels of interactions with the materials of learning and the environment they find themselves in affect their cognitive abilities to certain levels. So, what does technology have to do with the learning patterns among children?

Today, technology is everywhere and children are exposed to many technology devices and platforms. Children are watching a lot of reality TV shows and cartoons that excite their imagination and desire to learn. This has been an area of conflict among scholars, especially on how these technologies have contributed to the performance of children in school. Well, proponents of technology use in education believe that it helps children think and engage their minds. Ideally, some cartoon program are educative and teach children how to count, read and even write and/or spell.

Technology – Education Conflict

As proponents of technology see it as a tool for education, opponents on this matter consider it a tool that is against the learning patterns of children. This is build on the premise that children cannot make independent choices and would use technology for entertainment purposes only and not for learning. Technology is believed by the opponents to be an impediment to children’s learning since it sways their imagination. What is called reality TV is ideally not real but a camera trick of the program producer only aimed at engaging the audience.

Inventions in technology are great tools that have defined how humans live in this present age but apparently, everything has its good and bad connotations. This is especially when something is not used for the reason it was intended for. In that case, the technology is believed to produce certain positive results in children’s education when used correctly. The potential that lies in the use of technology is great for children. However, it can be destructive when not used appropriately.

Set your mind on the topic you want to write about education. Make it interesting right from the start and engage your reader all through.