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A Perfect Example Of A Research Paper About Bullying

Writing assignments come with different demands that must be met by any student who wants to be successful in school. A lot of study is required making references from already published scholarly journals and books. Therefore, it is important to understand the rules before getting started with your paper.

Well, writing a research paper is one of the many assignments that are given at school. This means that students must come up with a very interesting topic on a certain subject and development it a certain predetermined format. One of the topics that could be studied in criminology is bullying. Are you looking forward to writing a great paper in this field, here is a sample for you:

Causes of Bullying In School

Bullying is a common occurrence in school and has in fact been listed as one of the major problems in such a setting. So, what is bullying? Ideally, bullying is defined as a type of aggression particularly towards other people. This is especially when the tendency to do so becomes habitual and affects the lives of the victims negatively. It is something done against the will and rights of the other person.

For many years now, bullying has been very rampant in school. This is both in elementary school and in high school. There are many causes to this and is not just one. It can happen between age mates or a senior and a junior. People studying in the same class can bully one another especially when the offender has a given advantage over the victim. In that case, bullying will come out backed up by this inclination to the fact that someone has a certain privilege that another doesn’t have.

Common bullying causes

There has been a list of reasons why a student would bully another in school. Here is a descriptive list of some of the common causes of bullying in this learning setting.

  • When the victim feels and shows signs of being powerless. There are people who find gratification by mistreating others. Therefore, they will cause trouble to anyone who looks powerless in their sight.
  • Because the offender was bullied too. If someone was bullied, they will also do the same although not necessarily to the person who did that to them. They will look out for someone else to mistreat.
  • Out of frustration: when people get frustrated, they tend to extend their frustration on on other people. In that case, they will end up mistreating them out of no good reason.
  • A heartless nature. There are people who by nature don’t have empathy. Owing to this, it is easy for them to bully.
  • Seeking recognition. Some students look for a name for themselves. Amazingly, they consider bullying as one of the options they got.
  • Influence from the family. If a student comes from a family that does not hold human values by respecting other people, he or she is likely going to practice bullying.
  • For rewards. Someone could be paid to bully another. Therefore, a student will do this in order to win favors from a third party.
  • Emotional confrontations. When a student is provoked by another in a discussion, he or she may resort to engage the other in a harsh manner through bullying.

Listed here are some of the common causes of bullying in school. They is quite a variety of reasons that have contributed to this behavior as described.