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A Well-Written Research Paper Conclusion In A Few Steps

Writing a research paper is one of the least attractive tasks you must accomplish in college. It entails hours of research and in most cases, rejections by your professor. Researching and writing a paper puts a damper on the otherwise enjoyable college life. But is doesn’t have to be so.

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Importance of a Convincing Conclusion

One of the most difficult aspects of writing an academic paper is coming with a powerful conclusion. A good conclusion shows the reader why it was worthwhile going throughout the entire paper. This is not just a summary of points but a synthesis of main ideas covered and a closing statement linking to your hypothesis.

Maybe you are wondering who can do my research paper for me? Why not start by requesting for a sample conclusion? A powerful conclusion makes your paper more convincing by:

  • Conclusively presenting the last word on your arguments
  • Summarizing your thoughts and showing the significance of the study
  • Identifying gaps in an area of study where more research needs to be done
  • Restating your argument and showing contemporary relevance
  • Introducing expanded or fresh thinking on a chosen topic

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A good conclusion takes a reader back to the initial argument and links ideas covered with the hypothesis. Such a buildup is more convincing and increases the chances of getting a good grade. A winning conclusion will state the context of study clearly and highlight the importance of the study. The reader will be in a better position to form their own opinion when you have clearly detailed the reasons for your own conclusion.

Steps in Writing a Research Paper Conclusion

Whether you are buying an online research paper or going through the process of research and writing, you need to understand the following steps to come up with a winning conclusion:

  1. Draft a conclusion together with your hypothesis: Don’t wait for the last minute to write a conclusion. Instead, craft a conclusion from the hypothesis you have picked.
  2. Include it in the outline: When starting writing, you need to have an idea of the conclusion you wish to present.
  3. Make it short and succinct: The first sentence of a conclusion should say it all in a few words. Remember some readers take time to go through the entire paper while others go to the conclusion to find out what the research paper is all about. Identify it as a conclusion and use phrases that indicate it is the final word e.g. in conclusion, to sum it up etc.
  4. Make a lasting impression: Take time in drafting your research paper conclusion to leave a lasting impression. You need a conclusion that will ring in a reader’s mind long after they are done reading.
  5. Avoid repetition: Being repetitive in any form of writing is a bore to readers. For an academic paper, this translates to a poor score which can affect your final grade. You can seek someone to do my research paper if you always have a problem with repletion to avoid losing marks.
  6. Use a call to action: This could be a recommendation for further research in this field, a take-home message to the reader or provide next course of action regarding your study.
  7. Avoid introducing new ideas: however strong a point appears to be, this is not the place to add it. Remember this is a section which wraps up what is already discussed in the essay.
  8. Captivate the reader: Use an anecdote, restate key statistic, cite a relevant quotation or ask a question that adds weight to your argument.

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