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Six Basic Components Of A Perfect Research Paper In History

History remains one of the most prominent fields of study and its place in academia was debated by no less than Plato and Aristotle regarded the most forward thinking scholars. It was Theodore Roosevelt who remarked that the more you know about the past, the more prepared you are for the future. It is this thinking that has helped cement the place of history in academia.

Magnitude of the Task

If you are writing a research paper in history, you have to appreciate the magnitude of the task ahead. There is a broad range of topics to choose from and every topic has divergent views from which you have to carve a hypothesis for your essay. This will take weeks in the library and as a college student, this is time you don’t have.

Even in this digital age, narrowing down on an area in history to write on is a herculean task but luckily, you can now buy research papers online which will help augment your research. If you are stuck on your paper, it is advisable to use a writing service to get expert help quickly. Not only will you get a quality paper, but you are also left with more time to focus on other subjects and enjoy life.

Components of a History Paper

The following are the basic parts that your research paper in history must have:

  • Title
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Thesis statement
  • Methodology
  • Result discussion/literature review
  • Conclusion from the findings

These components are a must have in a good academic essay and they come in handy when creating an outline for your paper. With these components, it is easy to craft a winning research paper in history. The following steps will go a long way in helping you out:

  1. Choose An Interesting Topic/Subject
  2. History as a discipline is very diverse and you have to narrow down on an area where your interest lays. Make sure the topic you choose is inspiring to keep you going over the period of writing. When choosing a topic, consider other studies ever done and its relevance in contemporary situation. Go for a thought-provoking idea that will catch attention of readers right away.

  3. Select A Practical Objective/Thesis
  4. Never rush into picking an objective for your paper because this is inadvertently leads to writers’ block. Find a viewpoint which is easy to support using available materials. Pick a controlling idea at this stage which will guide you throughout the research and writing process. A history paper thesis must be direct and concise preferably in once sentence.

  5. Make A Working Outline
  6. This is an important step in any academic writing and it determines whether your essay will flow coherently or not. It is a roadmap that identifies where selected topic ideas will go in the final draft. A good outline should include an introduction, hypothesis, research methodology and literature review, findings and conclusion. Each of these sections should build towards the other and a reader should find it easy to follow your argument to the conclusion.

  7. Research and Take Notes
  8. Once you have an idea of the layout your history paper will have, continue with further research, take notes and identify your references. This is where research paper help comes in handy as you will get input from experts.

  9. Support Your Position
  10. Using materials collected during the research, go ahead and write a convincing paper and show reasons your argument is important in this discipline.

If you don’t have time for all this, there is no need to worry. Check the best research paper writing service reviews and identify a qualified writer to work with. Provide topics and other guidelines to help in writing a winning essay.