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Research Paper Topics On Current Events And Social Problems

If you are writing an academic essay on contemporary events and social problems, you might be overwhelmed by the large number of areas you can cover. If this is your first time to plan and write research paper, the task is even more daunting because you don’t know where to start.

Luckily, you can leverage the advent of internet technology to find a high quality essays before you do this, it is advisable to consider the following factors:

Narrow Down On A Good Topic

There are many topics to choose from and even if you are to buy research paper online, it is a good idea to give the topic suggestion. Some of the writing ideas you can choose for a current events and social problems paper include:

  • The impact Trump’s presidency is having on international relationships
  • Psychological theories to explain the increasing cases of adult male sex offenders.
  • Is addiction to prescription medications a big problem? Write a research paper on how can modern society deal with this menace? on
  • Analysis of aging in foster care system and how to deal with these children being sent into the world without a support system.
  • Is society dealing fully with young male boys that have been sexually abused? What can be done better?
  • Incest; how this form of child abuse causes different personality characteristics in survivors and how to deal with it.
  • How has the Black Lives Matter movement impacted positively, negatively or in any way the debate about racism in the United States? You can find an affordable research paper on this area to augment your ideas.
  • What are chances of Is China overtaking the United States economically and how is this reflected in current global events?
  • Highlight some of eh recent events that pose danger to survival of the European Union (EU)
  • Understanding Affordable Care Act; What’s the impact of good health care for everyone in the U.S and how this can create a stronger economy
  • Energy efficiency is now cool; the trend of being “off the grid” and the benefits of becoming self-sufficient? What are the cost implications?
  • Black Lives Matter; is this campaign justified and what are the implications for race relations in the U.S?
  • Is bullying in schools today any different from the past? Has the internet made things worse?
  • What are the implications of Russian hacking in the recent U.S elections and will this impact on the country’s global power?
  • What are the divergent views expressed in the ongoing debate over immigration reform in the U.S.?
  • Is date rape a problem that deserves more attention in college campuses? How can it be tackled?

Create an Outline for your Paper

Whether you want to buy a custom research paper or write everything on your own, it is important to flesh out the topic you have chosen to decide on its validity. Write a draft comprising an introduction, hypothesis, body and conclusion. A good topic should be easy to expound on and if you find yourself getting stuck at this stage, it is advisable to change the topic.

Get Down To Work And Research

Start your research once you are sure about the topic and direction your argument will go. Use both online and offline resources to find supporting ideas for your research paper. Note down all references you are using for citation purposes and also for your bibliography.

If you decide to buy an academic essay make sure you have an idea about the area you have picked to be able to evaluate. If need be, add some of your own materials to augment what you have received.