About Me

And why I started this blog

This is a blog to all the college students out there who are struggling with their college essays. Let me tell you something about college: it’s not always about who is the most naturally talented, or even the most hard working. Yup, you heard that right. How many times have you seen the most supposed talented student in the class put in minimal effort yet always come out on top with top grades? On the other hand, we also know about the unfortunate student who can spend hours on their essay, yet not receive a grade deserving of their effort.

What does this tell us? There are specific techniques needed for success in college essays. This is exactly where my blog comes into play. I am still in college, but have considerable experience dealing with the system. I will be regularly updating this blog with my own experiences and tips, along with how I am getting along at college. Being a senior, I am well versed in the techniques needed to success in college essays and I am eager to pass these along to other college students.

My blog will also host many essay examples, as I believe it is important to not only learn about the important tips and techniques I will present, but to also see them in practice. There is a large archive already that you can star by reading, and already within a few minutes you will start picking up extremely useful hints and tips.